For Brisbane Homeowners {in fact, for home-owners all across South East Queensland}, termites are an unwelcome reality that can cause plenty of stress and money. Nobody likes the idea of one of their most valuable investments coming under attack from these prolific pests.

Of course, one of the most important steps in keeping your home termite free is to be vigilant with yearly pest inspections by professional Pest Management Technicians. Here at Conquer Termites, we have decades of experience helping home owners from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to protect their homes.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as South East Queensland is, it is also prime real estate for termites, they thrive in our hot, humid conditions. Obviously, when we find them, most home owners readily agree to have a topical treatment carried out, eliminating any existing infestations. We use excellent products {particularly Termidor} that have proved extremely effective in stomping out termites that have taken up residence in your property.

Does this mean though, that once termites have been eliminated from your home, you can forget about  them? Sadly, no. While many homes in SEQ are at risk, those with previous termite activity are far more likely to have recurrences. Why? Because while we may have wiped out the active termite colony, the entry points, tunnels and even pheromone trails will still remain. If a protection system is not installed to prevent future termite ingress, then it is likely a re-infestation will occur.

We were called to a home recently where a homeowner {who had bought the home only six months prior} had discovered live termite activity. We found substantial mudding {called a bivouac or sub-nest} in one of the bathrooms.


Coptotermes Bivouac in Bathroom

Coptotermes Bivouac in Bathroom


Of course, we applied a topical treatment immediately to eradicate the termite colony. But when we opened up the wall to assess the damage, we found that this home had obviously been infested by termites before; the mudding was still there behind the wall. Clearly the previous owner had had a topical treatment applied and had repaired the wall. Sadly though, they had not gone ahead and had a Termite Management System in place.

Coptotermes damage previously repaired

Coptotermes damage previously repaired


All too often we see cases like these, where after having termites eradicated, an owner has chosen to take a chance and not go ahead with a chemical protection barrier around the property. And unfortunately, this is frequently the result.

So remember – to keep your home safe from the threat of termites, there are three critical steps.
1. Regular {we recommend yearly} Termite inspections.

2. If live activity is detected, a topical treatment; and

3. A Termite Management System such as a chemical barrier {such as Termidor; read more about the amazing Termidor Warranty} should be applied to prevent future ingress.


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