We have been receiving calls from concerned customers asking if their existing  Termidor chemical treatment has been affected due to the record rainfalls experienced in the South-East Queensland and the recent “once in a life time” inundation around Rockhampton with over 200,000 homes flooded.

The good news is that Termidor is a very stable chemical once applied into soil. It will not re-hydrate – won’t go back into solution and be carried away in water. Basically due to the sophisticated formulation using surfactants and soil bonding agents, the active ingredient, Fipronil will not leach away. For more independent information about Termidor, please call BASF Termidor Hotline: 1800 006 393.

You might be concerned about the treatment if flooding has deposited a layer of silt/soil on top that could allow the termites an avenue to “bridge” over the treatment. Also, if flooding or heavy rain has washed away some of the treated soil, you will need to arrange for it to be replaced and re-treated. If you have any concerns about the treatment around your home, contact us now:

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