In this video you are able to see winged termites (Alates) crawling out of a small hole in a tree stump that one of our technicians, Paul Murphy, disturbed when he was doing an inspection to a property in Brisbane.

It is usual to see Alates take to flight in the daytime. They usually wait for a windless night that there is a full moon during the months of November and December. They are bad flyers and really only flutter to where the breeze takes them in the haphazard chance to meet another winged termite from a different colony to start their own nest.

When they land they normally source moist soil to harbourage in. If they land in your home, they normally go to the coolest room – your bathroom.
In some rare case they can establish themselves in your home if they can find a moist dark area – bathroom or sub floor.

If you have found these winged, or more now, wingless termites, in your home and it has been more than 12 months since your last inspection, you should seriously consider a comprehensive inspection by a fully trained expert. Call us now on ….3088 2100