Recently one of our technicians was called to a home in Birkdale, near Brisbane, to check a very interesting situation. The homeowner pulled a book off a shelve in a walk-in robe to find live termites!

After a thorough inspection it was established the termites had attacked only this one book. The termites had gained concealed entry into the house, selected this book and started to harvest it. Why the termites selected this one book is unknown but it is not unusual for termites to eat any cellulous material, be it books, clothes, furniture or your favorite painting.

The great irony was the book’s title: “Natural Disasters”!

The book was removed and the homeowner followed our recommendation to install a chemical treatment using a non-repellent transfer poison.

We strongly recommend all home have a current chemical treatment to stop this kind of concealed termite entry and surprise attack. Call us now on 3088 2100 to book your inspection.